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Charlie's Favorite Rants

my Droolings of things to Come

3 March 1969
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I am one of many - part of three groups that all share the same body.  Some people would call that being multiple, soulbond or many minds.

There are many types of Multiplicity: DID/MPD (trauma based), Naturals & Soulbonds.  I'm somewhat trauma based, but I'm also a bond.  If you want to know more about the different types of Multiplicity, you might want to check out these links:

Layman's Guide to Multiplicity -> http://www.karitas.net/blackbirds/layman/whatis.html

Astraea's Web Glossary on Multiplicity -> http://www.astraeasweb.net/plural/glossary.html

Who am I?  People would describe me as angst ridden, Funny, intense/serious.  I've been in thecuteone33 head since early 1980's.  She's the lovey hostess, I also took on qualities from a former headmate, Jack (who was initially based off a real life actor Jack Wild) inherited his smirk, and some of his bad habits.

We also have a group account go2neverland - Some of the others, Alex Jr, Michael & Wendy post to that account.  Alex Jr is kind of the creepy one in our system, he has his own system/group.  Michael & Wendy are siblings now but originally were bonds from Peter Pan, they also exist in their own group.  If you want to know more about them - you might want to friend the go2neverland account (they don't blog in it often).

Also you'll notice that we share a female body, most of our headmates are male, the body that I take over is not.  I consider myself a very femme guy, I've gotten rather accustomed to having girl parts, Michael's the only one that I'm aware of that still have issues with it.

I also have non-multiplicity interests: therealljidol & even though thecuteone33  aka Carrie is the writer in our collective.  I do enjoy writing naughty bits and anything angsty and intense. 

I enjoy writing M/M Erotica (it's all about d---- right?), occasional het stuff, but that's not as much fun.

I'm bisexual - My headmate's been in a relationship with a woman for over a decade now,